Tree Trimming & Pruning for South Pasadena, FL


Tree Trimming & Pruning

We can provide professional tree trimming services to make your foliage look great and protect the trees from storms. We'll come out before the hurricane season and trim your trees back so that they'll be less likely to suffer from damages. In addition to tree pruning services, we also offer professional mangrove trimming. We have a specialist who is highly trained and experienced to prune all native trees. Our deadwood removal service will also restore your trees back to their original glory.

Pruning and trimming your trees properly takes time, experience and knowledge. Depending on the types of trees that you have on your property, the techniques used to trim and prune trees are different. If the trees are not trimmed properly, their growth could be stunted, or they could be damaged. Before you consider doing the work yourself, contact us so that we can help you provide proper care for your tree.

Root Pruning and Barriers

Over time, the roots from your mature trees can grow under your driveway, your concrete foundation or even your walkway, causing damage to your home. Our experts can expose the roots to prune them back so that you won't have any damage to your property. We'll then install a root barrier, meaning you won't have to deal with your root problem in the future. The barrier essentially stops the roots from growing in that direction and can keep them out of the areas where you don't want them to be.
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