Tree Treatments for Treasure Island, FL


Tree Injections

Trees can easily become infected with fungus, heart rot and spider mites. With tree injections that will help get rid of any pests or disease, you'll have trees that are more vibrant and healthier.

Inoculation of Soil for Healthier Trees

In order for your trees and foliage to grow quickly and healthily, the soil needs certain nutrients and organic materials. We can inject fungi and other needed nutrients into the soil to give your foliage a boost.

Fertilization & Soil Management

Healthy plants need healthy soil in order to grow. Our professionals can adjust the soil pH and ensure that there is enough essential organic matter present to make the soil healthy. Depending on your needs and the type of trees and foliage you want, Bay City Tree Service will make your soil an optimal area to grow greenery.

Insect & Disease Management

Managing insects and diseases can be difficult depending on the number and types of trees that you have. Whether your trees need to be pruned or they need specific soil conditions, you can count on us to recognize any problems that your trees may have before any damage occurs.

Cabling & Bracing

If your trees have weak branches or multiple stems, cables and braces can be used to support your trees. Cables can limit the movement of weak branches during storms or high winds to keep them from breaking. Braces can also be used to prevent the branches and trunks from twisting.


This the process of manually removing Spanish moss from your trees. Our certified professionals are specially trained to provide this service to prevent the loss of vital leaves that the tree needs to stay healthy.
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