Tree Problems in Sunset Beach, FL


Overweight Trees

After the tough Florida summer, your trees are heavy and unsightly. They need pruning. Dead wood must be removed and trees be given a full-scale examination. Let our experts shape-up your trees and shrubs for the fall.

Root Strangulation

When trees are planted in confined spaces or in poor soil, there is no place for the roots to go! As they grow, they can literally strangle each other. We can cure this problem before the roots grow under sidewalks, swimming pools or your neighbor's lawn.

Pests Love Trees!

After the kind of Florida weather we all experience, chances are there are a lot of insects and other pests depending on your trees and shrubs for food! Our trained arborists will diagnose your tree and shrub problems and provide the proper care. We ... Read more

Storms Hurt Trees!

Lots of rain, moisture and storms can damage trees. We can help by providing you with a professional appraisal of any loss that you may have incurred. And we can give damaged trees the care they need and nurse them back to health.

Need Support?

Some trees weakened by summer storms can cause limbs to split and crash to the ground endangering people, pets and property. Our experts can diagnose this problem and correct it before it is too late.

Need Nourishment?

Droopy leaves that appear shriveled or turn color before their time may indicate stress. It's your tree's way of telling you it's starving. Let our experts examine your trees and prescribe the right diet. Chances are your trees need a prescription ... Read more
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