Tree Planting & Other Services for Kenneth City, FL


Drought Services

When a drought occurs, it can hit your trees and foliage hard. If those conditions continue for months or even years, your plants' ability to survive may be affected due to water loss, pests and disease. During periods of drought, we can assist you with monitoring your trees and provide proper irrigation services to keep your plants alive. We can also add new mulch to help keep moisture in the soil where it belongs.

Lightning Protection

A lightning strike could immediately kill your tree or cause it to become so weak that it simply can't hold up against boring insects or disease. We can install lightning protection systems to minimize the chance of lightning hitting your trees.

Storm Damage & Emergency Services

If a storm causes damage to your trees, you need assistance fast. With our emergency tree services, we can remove fallen branches or broken branches that could be potentially hazardous to you or your property. Our experts have been specialty trained to deal with dangerous limbs and trees that that need to be removed as fast as possible.

Tree Planting

Choosing the right tree for your property may not be as easy as you first think. Whether you want native trees or exotic trees, you need to know the amount of shade they need and the soil type they need in order to thrive. Our trained arborists can help you choose and plant the right type of trees that are easy to maintain and add to your curb appeal.

Crane Service

Whether you need limbs trimmed back during an electrical upgrade or you need to have a dangerous limb hanging over your roof removed, we can help. Our cranes allow us to reach the foliage that would otherwise be unreachable.

Free Mulch

As we grind up your unwanted tree limbs and small branches, we create a ton of wood chips. We'd be happy to leave these wood chips and mulch with you to improve the look and health of your property.
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